Human resources functions are becoming more complex and resource-intensive. For an outsourcing solution to help your business organization to reduce costs of operation and manage human resources tasks, you need a partner who understands how to add value to your business organization in order to stay competitive in the market.
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Offering job search and posting, career guidelines and HR solutions to job seekers and corporate employers from US, Australasia, Asia and all over the world.
CW Support Center is set up to offer our clients promptly respond with advice and guidance on their questions and concerns regardless of their physical location. We are committed to handle every question in a caring and professional manner.
EmplX is an online Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) which help businesses manage its workforce more effectively. EmplX doesn’t require any IT staff to maintain it as it is hosted on our secure server. With a low monthly subscription, EmplX is perfect for small businesses and startups.
While Penang continues to be a compelling industrial destination (one of UNIDO's top 10 in the world), it has also built a reputation as "one of the locations to watch" (KPMG) for the next outsourcing boom. Click to read more....
Based on experience, refined with a value driven approach, Career Wise HR solutions portfolio comprises from simple manual administrative support to full system supported outsourcing services. Click to explore more....
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