• Post Date: 2019-08-29
  • Job Level: Others
  • Min Year of Experience: 2 Years
  • Min Qualification: Diploma
  • Based In: Penang
Job Description
  • Sets up and operate lathes, millers, shapers, grinders, planers and power drills. Works from blueprints, sketches and verbal instructions.
  • Performs highly diversified machining operations such as boring, turning, facing, reaming, grinding, milling and tapering.
  • Performs work on machined parts, forgings and casting which are of varying degrees of complexity in mature and critically dimensioned.
  • Determines and maintains the proper operational sequences at all times, makes all necessary mathematical calculations to complete the job.
  • Determines the appropriate feeds and speeds for all operations.
  • Performs simple welding, brazing, silver soldering and heat treating.
  • Checks own work. Usually works to tolerance of +/-.00005.
  • Reads and interprets complex blueprints and manufactures parts from a layout drawing without use of sketches or      verbal instructions making all necessary mathematical calculations to complete the job according to the drawing.
  • Bench work includes any necessary operations such as filing, de-burring, grinding, lapping, indexing, scraping, and fitting in order to complete mechanical assemblies from crude sketches, verbal instructions, or work samples.
  • Checks own work by making set-ups and interprets gauges, electro-limit gauges, and size blocks.
  • Occasionally makes decisions as to fits and tolerances.