Life After Retirement, How Would It Be?

Life After Retirement, How Would It Be?

People are always thinking about their life after retirement. How would their life be? Some people had planned for their retirement life, but some started to become anxious about life after retirement. Most of the companies do provide counselling or HR consultation for their employees who are retiring soon and it may be a good suggestion to kick start your retirement planning.

1. Get a freelance job. Some people may asked, I have been working for almost half of my life, why should I work again after retiring? The first reason, make your ‘income comfort’. Some may opt to do some freelance job based on their career expertise, such as a consultant for Engineering Service, as a tutor in a tuition centre and etc. Freelance job will not only generate income, but it will also make you feel you have utilized your time wisely.

2. Get a hobby. We have plenty of time during our retirement, we do not need rush to work, rush for project and work until late night. So, get a hobby that you have missed out during your working period. It will allow you to explore something different. Start looking for something that makes you excited such as cycling, jungle tracking, fishing and etc. It will give you something to look forward to as well as the chance to interact with others on something interesting.

3. Exercise and keep yourself healthy. A lot of people didn’t have the time to involve in sports during their working years. In order to keep ourselves healthy, we should start exercising such as jogging, badminton, hiking and etc. A healthy lifestyle is an important kick start for a retirement life.

4. Get a business or investment. Investment on a business seems to be another good choice for generating second income. People who have extra income can consider do some small investment instead of looking for a freelance job. Of course there are some risks in making investment, make sure you have done a thorough research before starting an investment.

There are a lot of activities or lifestyles that you can plan after your retirement. The ones mentioned above are some references to ponder upon. What would be your desired retirement life?