University Life VS Working Life

University Life VS Working Life

You can either make your university life the best of times, or mediocre times. My college lecturer used to tell us about how he misses his university life and how awesome it was for him. University and real world are so similar, yet so different. In most universities, the lecturers and tutors will still spoon feed you and hand you all the information that you need to complete your assignments or reports. Working life is different. You will be taught how to find the information during the first few months, and after that you are on your own. You need to be more independent, dependable and autonomous.

Most university students do not have to worry about their financials because they are living off their parents’ money. On the other hand, after you start to work, most of us have to pay for our own bills using our own salary. Rental, car loans, phone and internet bills, electrical and water bills, and etc. Your salary might be here today, but it will be gone in a few days. It will be enjoyable if we have a job that we like, but for those people that have dreadful jobs, it will be a drag.

Working is boarder than university. You will have to deal with people from different backgrounds, ages, qualifications, and cultures. Therefore, it would be easier for people with good socializing skills, and have experience dealing with people. We should not limit ourselves to our own age group, qualification, gender or race. There are a lot of knowledge that we can learn from other people. If you think dealing with a sleeping member during assignment in University is a drag, try working with one.

The responsibilities in working life are different than when we are in university. If you stayed up late and were too tired to make it to class, you could skip it and get noted from your friends. We can never do that when we are working. At your job, your performance matters and it will make a difference in the company’s success. During university, we can always depend on the smartest member of the assignment group to perform.

Lastly, one of our challenges in working life is dealing with people. As stated earlier, we have to deal with people from different walks of life. People approach work with different attitudes. We have to be sensitive to everyone, because everyone have their own way of life, aspirations and goals. Watch, listen and see how you can help the team to improve. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses, we need to tap into each other’s strengths so that we can improve and grow. In university, we can always find friends that have similar attitudes with us and avoid the ones that we do not like. In working life, there are various people with various attitudes that you will have to endure and work together.