The Importants of Communication


Communication is one of the important skill in our life. The development and enhancement of this skill is often sort after by most people. Why is it so important to possess good communication skills?

Mainly, it can actually benefit your daily life in every aspect be it professional or daily casual life. Communication is commonly used in various scenarios such as in schools, work place, brainstorming session or just casual social gathering. However, have you ever wondered or assess whether the correct skills or techniques have been applied?

According to a report by NACE in 2016, verbal communication was rated as the most important skill set by employers. This is not surprising because good communication skills can allow task and work to proceed smoothly as clear and direct information are delivered properly among colleagues. This will result in lesser arguments and misunderstanding. Therefore, employers usually opt for an interview session with the candidate before they finalized on hiring. Academic result are often placed emphasis on by candidates, however, most do not realize that communication skill is the one that gets you the job.

Looking from a business point of view, it is important to build a good rapport with the clients in order to gain their confidence and to ensure business agreement goes smoothly. A poor communication might result in losing customer’s interest and which eventually lose the entire sales or potential partnership. In another context, larger companies will usually carry out market survey once a year to measure customer and employee’s satisfaction and etc. These are all important information for the company and a good communication will enable correct and precise feedback and opinion given.

Other than that, communication is not only applicable in working environment but also in daily environment. Communication enables one to precisely share or express their thoughts, feeling, needs and wants among family members and friends. The correct communication technique will enhance harmonious environment among family and friends. These may decrease the risks of miscommunication which may lead to break ups and divorce.

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